There is a peaceful place with the typical charm of East Asia called Oani Spa located next to emerald My Khe beach. With high-class health therapies, Oani is a true relaxation place for the local people and domestic and foreign tourists. Established in August 2019, Oani Spa has served thousands of customers around the world. The Oani provides excellent experiences in an architecture that combines the traditional beauty of Vietnam and the liberal style of the island of Bali. Every little corner at Oani Spa is a journey of mind, body and spirit to find the tranquility in a peaceful place.


With the desire to bring customers high-class experiences, Oani Spa’s experienced therapists have diligently researched and created perfect massage therapy – relaxation, including the classic Swedish massage with soft movements that soothe muscles, hot stone therapy to help the body reduce the pain, and the Oani’s signature therapy using therapeutic essential oils and invigorating techniques to rejuvenate the body and refresh the spirit. When coming to Oani, you will enjoy your favorite services such as body treatments, body care, facial treatments, foot, back, head treatments, or skin care treatments. The gentle scent of incense, soothing melodies and cozy space at the Oani will help you relieve stress and eliminate negative energy.


About therapists

For the most complete customer experience, it is impossible not to mention the skills of the therapists. At the Oani Spa, therapists are all highly trained and experienced in massage and therapy. Thanks to that, you can be assured of the quality of service that the Oani brings. Besides, the Oani always focuses on facilities and services. When you come here, you will be completely relaxed with the sophistication, professionalism, and enthusiasm of the therapists and the friendly atmosphere. The modern and advanced equipment also plays a significant part in creating the best value for customers. The high quality of service will surely make any customers coming to the Oani fall in love with this place and look forward to coming back. The Oani promises to be a destination that cherishs your emotions, listens to your body, and gives you a wonderful feeling of relaxation and enjoyment. Come to the Oani Spa to take care of yourself and your beloved family.

Therapists at the Oani Spa